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Preview: My first Shevine fan fiction


So this is my first Shevine fiction. I was about to came up with a 17 year-old Blake but, here we are, the 6 year-old Blake and the 3 year-old baby Adam, cause I found it really really cute XD

This is just a little preview of it, tell me if you like it XD I’m about to write some small stories about Shevine as kids, but I’m not sure if you guys are going to like it, so let me know after you read :D Thank you so much XD


"Blake, eat your vegetables", Mrs Shelton tells her child.

"No, I don’t want to", says the little boy.

"Eat it or no Adam for a week", Mrs Shelton always knows the weakness of her child. Blake couldn’t stand being away from his buddy Adam, who 3 years younger than him, and way smaller than him.

"…", Blake pick up the vegetables reluctantly, but he eats them all. 

"Good, honey", Mrs Shelton smiles at her victory. "Finish it up and I’ll take you to Adam’s house. His mom told me that he was crying because of missing you", says Mrs Shelton. "Such a cute baby", she adds.

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Really cute, I love it! Except you never leave a 3 YO with a 6YO. Shopping usually take up to an hour or two, so you never ever leave such young kids out of your sight. You might trust your kid to be on their own or with another for a few minutes, maybe 10, but at that age, even if they love each other and all, it’s extremely dangerous to do so. Anything can happen. Actually the moms taking the kids with them to shop would be really cute ;) I can imagine lots of things Blake would do to make Adam laugh.

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I don’t live in the USA but I’m considering watching The Voice at ass o’clock in the morning. Thing is, there are commercials every contestants. How long do they last? I don’t have much work in the morning of Tuesday, but they’d be the main reason for me not to watch. I’m used to three commercials breaks on The Voice in my country, so it’s a really different experience.

Do they last more than 1 or 2 minutes? 

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Is there a link where I can watch freier fall (free fall) with English or Spanish subtitles?! I’ve beed dying to watch it

Master post with links :

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daily morning routine ♥

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We get Almost Human promos with slightly different/extended footage in Canada. After “You like me. :D” “Keep talking, I’ll prove my point >:|”, Dorian tells cranky John that it’s okay, he likes him too.


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The face of someone who has just seen his OTP become canon.

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Garou & Mika, The Voice, our french Shevine

Hugging, staring, kissing, fist bumping, hands holding. All of that in one only episode, the first of season 3. Mika’s the new one on the show and he is awesome (maybe you know him? Grace Kelly, Big Girls You Are Beautiful, Love Today are the songs from his first album). They spend a copious amount of time staring at each other, they’ve hugged twice in this first episode, first bumped twice, hands holding once, ‘kissed’ once.  Garou spent a whole song staring at Mika and forgot about buzzing/pushing the button (which he apologizes for to the artist but doesn’t say he regrets).

I know you are all waiting for the next season of The Voice USA, but I thought you’d maybe like to see another bromance blossoming thanks to The Voice ;) And they’re so cute and adorable together, it might help with missing Shevine ;)

I promise, it’s the only time I’ll post something like this on this tag and sorry for bugging you all :)

(I do looove Shevine and I’m having Shevine withdrawal feelings, i’m only trying to get better thanks to these two)


Tiago/James - Mission: Belize AU

James meeting Tiago before they both started working for MI6; Bond still in the Navy, having short training in Belize and Tiago just kinda struggling to survive there.

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SKYFALL AU: tiago & james in italy
↳ On rare vacation days off from a punishing agent training programme, two young, fearless MI6 recruits find each other on the banks of Lago di Como, sharing close encounters in July heat.

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and the worst part was James knew it was true

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